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Maximizing the Benefits of Geyser Data: A Guide to Efficient Backup and Archival to the Cloud Tape Library

In today's data-driven world, organizations generate massive amounts of data that need to be stored securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Geyser Data, leveraging the robustness of tape storage, offers a unique solution to these challenges. Tape storage is renowned for its durability, scalability, and cost efficiency, making it an ideal choice for long-term data archiving and backup. This blog will guide you on how to best utilize Geyser Data's Tape-as-a-Service (TaaS) for your backup and archival needs, ensuring you get the most out of this innovative storage solution.

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Why Choose Tape Storage?

Tape storage has been a staple in data storage for decades, and for good reason. Here are some key benefits:

  • Cost-Effective: Tape storage is significantly cheaper than disk storage, especially for large-scale data archiving.

  • Durable: Tapes can last up to 30 years, ensuring long-term data preservation.

  • Secure: Tapes can be stored offline, providing an air-gapped solution that protects against ransomware and other cyber threats.

  • Scalable: Easily scalable to petabytes of data without significant infrastructure changes.

  • Eco-Friendly: Consumes less power and generates less CO2 compared to disk storage.

Optimal Usage of Geyser Data for Backup and Archive

To maximize the efficiency of Geyser Data's tape-based storage, it is crucial to adopt best practices tailored to its sequential data writing capabilities, which are already standard practice when using tape as a storage location regardless of on site or as a service. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Object Size Management Aim to write objects averaging 4MB, or larger, in size. This size is optimal for tape storage, balancing the performance and efficiency of sequential writes. Larger objects in the GB range are more efficient for data transfer but are subject to lengthy retries when sent over a WAN so the recommendation is between 4MB and 5GB.

  2. Backup Strategy

  • Implement a hybrid backup strategy combining full and incremental backups:

  • Full Backup: Perform a full backup once a week, preferably using a traditional Grandfather-Father-Son backup regiment. This ensures a complete snapshot of your data, making it easier to restore in case of a major data loss.

  • Incremental Backups: Conduct incremental backups daily between the weekly full backups to an on-prem disk or flash based storage target. This approach provides the instant recovery necessary for business continuity recoveries. Avoid forever incremental backups to tape, as they can complicate and lengthen the restoration process and increase the risk of data loss over time.

  1. Utilizing S3 Glacier APIs

  • Geyser Data supports S3 Glacier APIs, which are designed for efficient data retrieval from tape storage. Use these APIs to:

  • List Files for Restoration: The APIs provide the system with a full list of files that need to be restored, allowing Geyser Data to efficiently plan the tape load and retrieval process and minimizing restore time.

  • Land retrieved objects on a temporary online tier: Objects marked for restore are landed on a disk tier that can be accessed directly for a limited period of time. Any object restored should be retrieved (GET) within 24 hours.  

  1. Data Management and Monitoring

  • Regularly monitor your backup and archival processes to ensure they are running smoothly. Use the tools provided by Backup and Archive products to track the status of your backups, manage storage utilization, and ensure data integrity.

  • Set up alerts and notifications for any issues that may arise, allowing for prompt resolution and minimizing downtime.


Geyser Data's Tape-as-a-Service offers a powerful solution for organizations looking to efficiently manage their backup and archival needs. By leveraging the benefits of tape storage and following best practices for data management, you can ensure your data is stored securely, cost-effectively, and is readily accessible when needed. Embrace the power of tape with Geyser Data, and take control of your long-term data storage strategy.

For more information on Geyser Data and to get started with our Tape-as-a-Service solution, visit our website.

About Geyser Data

Geyser Data specializes in providing innovative and sustainable cloud archive data solutions. With a focus on secure, durable, and cost-effective data archiving, Geyser Data offers a Tape-as-a-Service model that delivers high-performance and low-cost storage in the cloud. Our services are designed to optimize data retrieval and management, making us the ideal choice for businesses needing to extract value from their cold data and ensure reliable long-term data preservation.


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