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You'll enjoy recurring revenues and long-term contracts as a Geyser Service Partner (GSP). With zero competition in your region, high margins await, especially for early adopters. Join our global cloud family and explore additional services like data import/export and offline archive to soar to success.

Unlock profitable cloud opportunities with our exclusive GSP Partner Program.

Don't Buy Anything - Except The Great Opportunity

With our unique model of providing all the necessary hardware and software directly to the MSP's data center without any upfront cost, we're helping MSPs launch tape-as-a-service offerings in their markets. 

Geyser Data provides comprehensive data management solutions for Managed Service Providers.

Looking for ways to stand out in the competitive world of MSPs? At Geyser Data, we’ve got you covered. We provide cutting-edge data management solutions to help you drive value for your customers and grow your business. Our Tape-as-a-Service offering is a great way to expand your services and stay ahead of the curve.

You bring the following to the table:

  • Tier 3 Data Center Space

  • Remote Hands Capabilities

  • Internet Connectivity

  • Sales to Enterprise Companies

  • Co-Market Capabilities

Managed Service Providers

At Geyser Data, we understand that data security is a top business priority. That’s why we’ve partnered with a leading tape hardware and software company to deliver the most advanced technology in tape libraries. With our solutions, you can rest assured that your data and business are protected.

Our hardware partner will deliver:

  • Tape Libraries with Disk Caching 

  • L3 Support

  • Integration capabilities with software packages

  • Training

  • Referral of enterprise customers looking for as-a-Service archive and backup services

Tape Hardware Vendor

Geyser Data specializes in providing automated, next-gen Tape-as-a-Service solutions designed to differentiate your business in the market. Our team is dedicated to supporting your business with all the necessary resources and tools to provide exceptional results. With our innovative technology and expertise, you can trust us to deliver outstanding data solutions and help your business succeed. 

We'll deliver:

  • Cloud Provisioning Software

  • Billing Platform

  • 24x7 Monitoring

  • Support Services

  • Marketing Support

  • Sales Support with CSP

  • Referral of Enterprise Customers 

Geyser Data

This program creates a mutually beneficial scenario for all stakeholders.


Here’s how:

  • Clients: Your clients gain access to a robust and secure data management service tailored to their unique requirements. They benefit from comprehensive features that enhance their data-handling capabilities.

  • Hardware Vendor: Our hardware vendor partners benefit significantly. By enabling an as-a-service model on their top-tier hardware, they position themselves for improved market performance and growth.

  • Partners: Our valued partners can diversify their revenue streams. They have the confidence to work with proven solutions from Geyser Data, ensuring reliability and security


Remember, successful partnerships thrive when everyone wins!

The Trifecta

Partner Program Elements

Partner With Geyser Data to Reach New Heights

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