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We’re Geyser

Uncovering the Explosive Potential of Cold Data


Secure. Affordable. Green

Geyser Data specializes in providing innovative and sustainable cloud backup archive data solutions. Focusing on secure, durable, and cost-effective data archiving, the company offers an Archive-as-a-Service model that delivers high-performance and low-cost storage in the cloud. 

Geyser Data's services optimize data retrieval and management, making it an ideal choice for businesses needing reliable long-term data preservation. Linear Tape-Open (LTO) technology underpins a commitment to environmental sustainability - ensuring an efficient and green storage solution.

We're Cold & Hot

At Geyser Data, our focus extends beyond just data analytics. We are committed to uncovering the untapped potential hidden within cold, untouched data. Our ultimate goal is to harness the immense value beneath the surface and present it to businesses in unprecedented ways for them to capitalize on.

Geyser Data positions itself at the intersection of innovation, technology, and vision. Our mission is to revolutionize the field of data analytics by offering groundbreaking solutions that enable businesses to tap into the fundamental insights of their data reservoirs. Our approach is straightforward and profound: we aim to reveal the dormant yet powerful streams of opportunity and intelligence within data, waiting to erupt into actionable strategies.

Meet the Team

Nelson Nahum

Nelson Nahum

CEO & Co-Founder

Kevin Thomas

Kevin Thomas

VP of Marketing

Mike Hardy

Mike Hardy

VP of Sales

This endeavor results from numerous hours of commitment, a profound enthusiasm for technology, and an unwavering quest to revolutionize how businesses engage with data. It is a vision that has come to fruition thanks to the invaluable backing of our founders, our exceptional team, and the initial supporters of our mission.

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