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Leveraging the Power of Dedicated Tapes in Geyser Data's Cloud Tape Libraries

In the ever-evolving landscape of data storage, organizations face the dual challenge of preserving data securely while ensuring quick, cost-effective access when needed. Geyser Data is revolutionizing this space with its innovative approach to cloud archiving through the unique offering of dedicated Tape cartridges in its Cloud Tape Libraries. This service not only harnesses the traditional strengths of Tape storage—such as cost-efficiency, longevity, and robust security—but also integrates the convenience of modern cloud technologies.

Unique Feature: Dedicated Tapes Per Customer

One of the standout features of Geyser Data's Cloud Tape Library is the use of dedicated Tape cartridges for each customer. Unlike conventional cloud services where data might be mingled among various users, Geyser Data assigns individual Tapes to a single customer. This dedicated approach offers unparalleled advantages in terms of security, data sovereignty, and operational efficiency.

Enhanced Security and Data Sovereignty

By utilizing dedicated Tapes, Geyser Data ensures that there is no co-mingling of data, offering a higher level of security and privacy. Customers have complete control over their data, aligning with stringent data protection regulations and requirements for data sovereignty. In scenarios requiring physical possession of data, Geyser Data can ship the dedicated Tapes back to the customer, providing an added layer of control.

Optimized Read Performance

Geyser Data’s approach significantly impacts read performance—a critical factor for data retrieval speed. Traditional cloud archives may store bits of data across multiple Tapes, requiring extensive mechanical movements that can slow access times and increase costs. Geyser Data, however, writes contiguous data blocks onto a single Tape. For example, a request to access 1TB of data that is stored consecutively on one Tape is exponentially faster than accessing the same amount of data scattered across multiple Tapes.

This efficiency becomes starkly evident in operations requiring large data retrieval, such as AI training or data analytics. Where typical services might incur high fees due to the mechanical operations needed to gather data from multiple sources, Geyser Data’s streamlined process avoids these pitfalls, allowing for rapid access at a fraction of the cost.

Geyser Data technology advantage over Glacier and other cloud archive

Ideal for AI, Data Analytics, and Active Archives

The efficiency of Geyser Data's dedicated Tape system makes it particularly suitable for applications like AI training and data analytics, where frequent and fast access to large data sets is crucial. Clients can perform multiple reads without incurring additional costs, thanks to the reduced mechanical work and the absence of restore fees. This capability not only enhances the practical usability of archived data but also turns passive archives into active data hubs.


Geyser Data's Cloud Tape Libraries represent a significant advancement in cloud storage technology. By combining the reliability and security of Tape storage with the agility of the cloud, Geyser Data provides a solution that addresses the complex demands of modern data management. The dedicated Tape system not only ensures security and data sovereignty but also offers operational efficiencies that are unmatched in the cloud archive market.

Organizations looking to leverage their data assets for growth and innovation will find Geyser Data’s offerings particularly compelling. As data continues to grow both in volume and strategic importance, solutions like Geyser Data’s Cloud Tape Libraries will become essential for companies seeking to maintain competitive advantage in a data-driven world.


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