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Configuring Cohesity Backup to target Geyser Data Cloud Tape Library


Cohesity’s support for S3 Glacier APIs in version 7.1 enables seamless integration with Geyser Data's Cloud Tape Library, leveraging the TAPAS (Tape Archive Platform As-a-Service) offering. This guide walks you through the detailed configuration steps on the Cohesity side to enable data restores using the S3 Glacier API.

Cohesity and Geyser Data


  1. Cohesity Version 7.1: Ensure you have the latest version installed.

  2. Geyser Data Account: You must have an active account with Geyser Data and access to the Cloud Tape Library.

  3. Access and Secret Keys: Obtain the S3 access and secret keys from your Geyser Data Cloud Tape Library setup.

Step-by-Step Configuration

  1. Access Cohesity Dashboard:

  • Log in to your Cohesity Dashboard using your admin credentials.

  1. Add External Target:

  • Navigate to Protection > External Targets.

  • Click on Add External Target.

  • Select Amazon S3 Compatible as the target type.

  1. Configure External Target:

  • Target Name: Enter a name for your target (e.g., GeyserDataTapeLibrary).

  • Region: Select the appropriate AWS region. This should match the region where your Geyser Data Cloud Tape Library is hosted.

  • Bucket Name: Enter the bucket name provided by Geyser Data.

  1. Authentication:

  • Access Key: Enter your Geyser Data S3 access key.

  • Secret Key: Enter your Geyser Data S3 secret key.

  • Protocol: Choose S3 Glacier from the protocol options.

  1. Advanced Settings:

  • Endpoint URL: Enter the endpoint URL provided by Geyser Data for accessing the Cloud Tape Library.

  • Storage Class: Select GLACIER.

  • Server Side Encryption: Enable if required based on your data security policies.

  1. Validate Configuration:

  • Click on Validate to ensure the settings are correct and Cohesity can communicate with the Geyser Data Cloud Tape Library.

  1. Save Configuration:

  • Once validation is successful, click Save to add the external target.

Setting Up Backup Jobs

  1. Create a Backup Policy:

  • Navigate to Policies > Backup Policies.

  • Click on Add Policy.

  • Define the backup schedule and retention policies according to your data management requirements.

  1. Create a Protection Job:

  • Navigate to Protection > Protection Jobs.

  • Click on Add Protection Job.

  • Select the type of data you want to back up (e.g., VMs, databases, files).

  1. Configure the Protection Job:

  • Name: Enter a name for the job.

  • Sources: Select the sources you wish to back up.

  • Policy: Select the backup policy you created earlier.

  • Storage Domain: Choose the storage domain where the initial backup will be stored.

  • Archive Target: Select the external target you configured (e.g., GeyserDataTapeLibrary).

  1. Schedule and Run:

  • Set the schedule for the protection job.

  • Click Create to save the job configuration.

  • You can manually run the job or wait for the scheduled time to ensure everything is working as expected.

Restoring Data from Geyser Data Cloud Tape Library

  1. Navigate to Recovery:

  • Go to Recovery > Recoveries.

  1. Initiate Restore:

  • Click on New Recovery.

  • Select the type of data to restore (e.g., files, VMs).

  1. Select Backup and Target:

  • Choose the backup stored in the Geyser Data Cloud Tape Library.

  • Specify the target location for the restore.

  1. Restore Options:

  • Configure any additional restore options such as overwrite settings, post-recovery scripts, etc.

  1. Start Restore:

  • Click Start to begin the restore process.

Monitoring and Validation

  • Monitor the Job: Navigate to Protection > Protection Jobs and monitor the status of the backup and restore jobs.

  • Validate Data Integrity: Once the restore is complete, validate the integrity and accessibility of the restored data.


Configuring Cohesity to work with Geyser Data’s Cloud Tape Library using the v7.1 S3 Glacier API is a streamlined process. This integration leverages the cost-efficiency and durability of tape storage with the flexibility of cloud services, ensuring secure and reliable data restores.

For further assistance, please refer to the Geyser Data User Manual or contact Geyser Data support.


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