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Request Early Access

Cloud Archive Early Access Program

Get early access to the next-generation cloud archive. Protect your business while protecting your budget. 

Cost Effective

Lower storage costs compared to industry leaders, with no charges for data restores or egress fees.

Immediate Access

Fast retrieval of archived data. Retrieve data in milliseconds to seconds to minutes, depending on your storage policies

S3 Integration

Get seamless integration with Amazon S3 and S3 Glacier, offering superior performance over public cloud storage without requiring specialized skills .

Enhanced Security

Your data, your tape. The Geyser solution uses dedicated tapes per customer and gives you control over encryption keys.

Geyser Data is pleased to offer early access to our cloud archive platform! We are currently in the process of building and deploying libraries in several data centers, and by joining the list today, you'll be one of the first to gain access once the library is installed, tested, and ready for production data.

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