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Start-Up Profile: Geyser Data - Storage

4/16/24, 9:02 PM

Storage profile on Geyser Data, with secondary storage category Cloud Tape Library.

Company name: Geyser Data, Inc.

HQ and offices: Tustin, CA


Date founded: January 22, 2024

Founder, CEO and CTO: Nelson Nahum

Nelson Nahum, a prominent figure in the storage industry, has an impressive history of achievements. He was instrumental in establishing Zadara, a groundbreaking company that introduced On-Premises Storage-as-a-Service and evolved into one of the leading edge cloud providers with an extensive network of over 500 points of presence. Before that, he was VP of software engineering and fellow at LSI, where he led a team of 250 engineers. Additionally, he co-founded StoreAge, a pioneering company in storage virtualization, which LSI later acquired. His contributions have been acknowledged through the acquisition of 10 patents, highlighting his significant impact on the technology field.

Financial funding: Self-funded

Employee numbers: 4

Technology: Cloud Archive storage-as-a-Service based on tape


Cloud Tape Library solves challenges like high costs and labor-intensive processes associated with data archiving, tape backup, and information retrieval. The services focus on cost-effectiveness, immediate data access, enhanced security through dedicated tapes and encryption control, and airgap import/export capabilities. The firm aims to provide secure, durable, and affordable Archive-as-a-Service with environmental sustainability benefits, lowering CO2 emissions, power usage, and eWaste. It emphasizes lower costs without charging for data restores or egress fees, unique security measures, and fully automated functionality with robust APIs.

Release and roadmap: September 2024

Pricing model and price:

Pricing model is straightforward and easy to understand. We calculate the cost based on the number of tape cartridges used per month. Customers can choose between using dual copies or single copies and whether or not to compress the data. With the current capacity of LTO-9 tapes, firm’s Archive storage service can be as affordable as $0.7 per terabyte per month, and it can go up to $2.9 per terabyte per month. We do not charge for restoring data or any egress fees.


Our strategy for entering the market involves collaborating with MSPs and CSPs. These partners will host company’s tape libraries in their colocation facilities and act as resellers in their regions.


The vendor are received significant interest from businesses currently utilizing alternative cloud storage services who are seeking substantial price reductions. Additionally, it is attracting companies with on-premises tape systems and looking to transition to the cloud while maintaining the same capabilities as their existing tape libraries without the burden of managing physical tapes and libraries.

Workloads/Use cases/Applications: Backup and Archive, Big data lakes, and AI

Target market: M&E, health care, financial institutions and government

Competition: Cloud storage providers

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