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We will eliminate the massive amount of labor you need to allocate towards data archiving, tape backup, and information retrieval - when you need it. 


Your costs will be lower than industry giants, ensuring that you get the best value for your money.


We prioritize your data security by employing dedicated tapes and providing you with control over encryption keys, making us more secure than other cloud options.


Benefit from airgap import and export capabilities, further fortifying the security of your archived data.

Airgap Import
& Export

Introducing a New Approach

We understand the importance of secure, durable, and cost-effective data archiving. We're proud to offer a new Cloud Archive Service, delivering top-notch storage classes explicitly designed for data archiving. Our service ensures the highest performance, unparalleled retrieval flexibility, and the lowest cloud archive storage cost.

A New Solution That
Solves Your Cloud Storage Challenges

Switch to Geyser Data and save over 25% compared to the market leader and 50% compared to other leading services. Our affordable cloud storage solutions are innovative and cost-effective.

Lower Cost

Unlike other providers, we don't charge for data restores or have egress fees. Trust us to keep your data safe and accessible when needed.

Retrieval of Your Data

We prioritize data protection by offering a unique approach to data management. Unlike other cloud services, we store only one customer's data per tape cartridge and give you control over encryption keys for added security.

Unique Security

Geyser Data offers eco-friendly data management solutions that contribute to a sustainable future. Our tape model reduces CO2 emissions by 97%, uses 87% less power, and generates 85% less eWaste compared to other options on the market.

Environmental Sustainability

Get started with Geyser Today

Protect Your Most Important Asset - Your Data

Leveraging the value and benefits of tape backup without any of the hassles. You'll benefit from: 

  • Fast and free data retrieval

  • Simple and seamless data integration

  • Enhanced data security

  • User-determined data residency

  • Extended data longevity

  • Positive environmental impact

Geyser Data & Spectra Logic Launch Cloud Archive Service

Get the benefits of tape without specialized skills, CapEx, or on-prem libraries - without any egress fees. 

Data Archive in the Cloud

Say hello to an easy-to-consume, cost-effective, secure, and reliable long-term retention service. 

Energy Friendly

Empowering sustainable energy: An innovative solution for minimizing grid impact.

Free Trial

Test the power of our TAPAS platform and transform the way you protect your data. 

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